Hello, I'm Jason S. Thompson.

A bit about me.

I have 12 years of experience in the field with expertise ranging from print and production work, advertising, digital, web, trade show design, audio recording, to creative direction and design strategy.

Never being content with being "good enough" and always asking "what if?", my process-driven problem solving abilities can help your brand reach new potential and be seen in a completely new light.

Let's talk.

Software skills.

Photoshop / 12 years of experience Illustrator / 12 years of experience InDesign / 9 years of experience HTML / 4 years of experience Reason (audio) / 3 years of experience AfterEffects / >1 year of experience

Some of what I can offer.

Creative Direction

Creative Direction and leadership in small/mid-size teams in multiple (international) locations.

Design Strategy

A fresh, process-driven perspective with creative solutions in a wide variety of formats and mediums.

Print Design

Extensive print design background with an in-depth knownledge of the printing process.

Digital Design

Front-end web and app design, animation, and audio recording for well-rounded creative solutions.



Feel free to reach out to me.

Whether you're looking for a new creative strategy, branding help, or just to share cat videos online - I'd love to hear from you.